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Separating itself from the existing Intelligent CCTV, Analyzable 3D CCTV utilizes two different cameras to compile a 3D video image to further supplement the inadequate coverage of a common Intelligent CCTV image. The 3D image is collected in different analyzable data and together, provides an Interactive SDK to calculate the target’s location, size, and displacement


  • Depth Map -> converting two video images into one 3D video image
  • Epipolar Matching-> eliminate Y-parallax from both video images
  • Coordinate Geometry Projection -> Camera Coordinate, Photo Coordinate,
    Real Coordinate, Interchangeable Coordinate
  • Measurement-> 3D Coordinate calculation
  • 3D Panorama -> Conjugate connections between 3D points and restore as a
    camera-focused panorama video image
  • Boundary Detection -> Extract 3D object from the map

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